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953 East Catawissa Street, Nesquehoning, Pa.


On Wednesday July 11th 2001, Nesquehoning Hose Co. #1 put in their order for a new fire engine. The order was placed with Kovatch Mobile Equipment of Nesquehoning, Pa. for a custom built EXCELII-XLFD (extra long with full doors)1500 gpm pumper. As it turns out it will be KME's 5,000th truck. Because we are located in the same town it gives us the opportunity to take pictures of the truck in production. I will be visiting the factory and taking pictures as the truck is being built. 

Click on pictures to enlarge. 



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Front View

Rear View of Cab

Rear View


fc134.jpg (15785 bytes) fc135.jpg (25754 bytes) fc136.jpg (40085 bytes) fc137.jpg (32281 bytes)

Top View-Seating

Top View

Right Side

Left Side


2002 KME Excel II-XLFD 1500 gpm pumper, with 22” Raised Roof and Seating for 10, Detroit Diesel, Series 60 - 470 hp Engine, Allison HD 4060P Five Speed Automatic Transmission, Anti lock Brake System, Automatic Traction Control, Air System Synflex, Heated Air Dryer, 6 Polished Aluminum Wheels, 385/65Rx22.5 18ply Front Tires, 12Rx22.5 16 ply Rear Tires, Silicone Hoses, Jake Brake with Brake Light Activation, Vertical Exhaust, 50 Gallon Fuel Tank, Detroit Diesel Fuel Pro 382 Fuel Heater/Separator, 110 Volt Super Auto Eject For Battery Charger, Kussmaul 0919=DPP Auto Charge D Pump Plus Dual Charger, Collins Pulsar Hand Light, Recess Mounted Perlux Fog Lights in Bumper, AM/FM/CD Player Stereo w/4 Speakers, Ground Lights, Stainless Steel Trim Band, Excel Style Grab Rails, Velvac 2025 Heated/Remote Control Mirrors, Air Conditioning (L.A. Style) Roof Unit Painted To Match Two Tone Color, Rudd Automatic Tire Chains, “T” Type Shifter, Leece Nevelle 320 Amp Alternator, Battery Jumper Studs Driver Side Step Well, Red Filters For Fluorescent Lighting In Cab, Q2B Installed in Grill, Whelen 9x12 Scene Lights On Cab with Internal Refraction, Fire Research 500 Watt Telescoping Lights Rear Of Cab, Second Air Brake Actuator Provided At Officer’s Position, Radio and Cell Phone Antennas, Two 6 inch Defogger Fans, Auxiliary Manual Cab Lift (Back Up System), Audible Alarm To Indicate When Cab Is Being Lowered Or Raised, 20 inch Bumper Extension with Gravel Shield and 3 Hose Wells With Lids On Center And Right Hose Wells, Painted Tow Hooks Recessed Through Bumper, 2 Ground Lights Under Bumper Facing Forward, 500 Watt Front Cab Mount Fire Research Light, Door Open Indicator with Integral Audible Alarm, Additional Air Tank For Body Accessories, Fuel Gauge On Pump Panel, 8,000 Watt PTO Driven Generator Above Pump.



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October 3, 2001 

First pieces are put on jig and welded together. 

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fc143.jpg (27649 bytes)

fc144.jpg (21643 bytes)

--------------------October 17, 2001--------------------


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fc148.jpg (34086 bytes)

--------------------October 18, 2001--------------------


fc149.jpg (24889 bytes)

----October 19, 2001----

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--------------------October 22, 2001--------------------
Expert welder, Frank Ryder, continues 
building KME's largest cab for truck #5,000


 -------------October 23, 2001--------------

At this point the cab will be removed from the jig and moved to another part of the plant where more welding is done to it and other pieces added. 

fc154.jpg (26581 bytes)


fc155.jpg (21890 bytes)


October 30, 2001

Welding of cab almost done, going to body shop next. 

fc156.jpg (30094 bytes)


fc157.jpg (25788 bytes)

November 5, 2001

Cab in paint booth. 

fc158.jpg (22272 bytes)


fc159.jpg (16396 bytes)

fc160.jpg (16535 bytes)

fc161.jpg (15981 bytes)

November 7
Primer sprayed

November 12
Painted white

November 12
Painted white


fc162.jpg (19971 bytes)

fc163.jpg (20024 bytes)

fc164.jpg (20568 bytes)

November 13
White masked off

November 15
Paint finished, interior and wiring next


fc165.jpg (21342 bytes)

November 19, 2001
Interior started. Cord reels will be installed in cab compartments. 

fc166.jpg (16925 bytes)


fc167.jpg (23872 bytes)

November 20, 2001

Cab interior

fc168.jpg (25037 bytes)


fc171.jpg (21313 bytes)

fc172.jpg (21738 bytes)

fc169.jpg (20313 bytes)

fc170.jpg (18693 bytes)

fc173.jpg (21365 bytes)

....................November 23, 2001....................
Cab continues down assembly line. John McArdle, fire chief and assistant chiefs, Bill Fauzio and Bob Stempa meet with KME officials to view progress of new truck.  Bob Stempa, checking out inside of cab. 


fc174.jpg (20108 bytes)

fc175.jpg (24092 bytes)

fc176.jpg (26772 bytes)

fc177.jpg (24412 bytes)

fc178.jpg (23346 bytes)

....................November 27, 2001....................
Front seat, door panels, clearance lights, mirrors, cab fans, front and rear air conditioner units


fc179.jpg (22085 bytes)

fc180.jpg (25010 bytes)

fc181.jpg (22324 bytes)

fc182.jpg (25105 bytes)

....................November 29, 2001....................
Most of the interior is finished, the electricians took over and are installing the wiring, most of the glass is installed except for the windshields


November 30th 

Dash, switches, steering column 

fc183.jpg (21481 bytes)

fc184.jpg (24004 bytes)

fc185.jpg (26190 bytes)


fc186.jpg (24620 bytes)

December 5, 2001

Headliner and lights, cord reels, antennas installed. Rear seats almost done.  

fc187.jpg (20694 bytes)

fc188.jpg (28292 bytes)

fc189.jpg (21457 bytes)

fc190.jpg (20072 bytes)


fc191.jpg (23016 bytes)

fc193.jpg (29637 bytes)

fc192.jpg (21998 bytes)

December 6, 2001

Light boxes installed, rear seats finished. The driver side windshield is left out until the cab is put on the chassis and all wiring is installed in dash. This is the end of the line in plant #1. The cab will be sent to plant #3 where it will be dropped on the chassis.

fc194.jpg (24985 bytes)



fc200.jpg (21376 bytes)

fc201.jpg (20823 bytes)

fc202.jpg (18809 bytes)

fc203.jpg (22676 bytes)

--------------------November 15, 2001--------------------


fc204.jpg (20005 bytes)

fc206.jpg (15939 bytes)

fc205.jpg (23942 bytes)

....................November 20, 2001....................
Body primed



fc300.jpg (21747 bytes)

November 20, 2001

Frame rails started

fc301.jpg (23838 bytes)


fc302.jpg (27902 bytes)

November 23, 2001

Engine and transmission bolted together and accessories added to engine

fc303.jpg (25268 bytes)


fc304.jpg (17307 bytes)

November 28, 2001

Front and rear axles

fc305.jpg (23427 bytes)


fc306.jpg (16924 bytes)

fc307.jpg (24761 bytes)

fc308.jpg (18067 bytes)

fc309.jpg (16934 bytes)

....................November 29, 2001....................
Things are going fast in the chassis shop, these guys are fast! Cross members were added to the frame rails, springs installed, shocks and steering box. By the afternoon the front and rear axles were installed and the chassis was turned over and they were installing the pump. 


fc310.jpg (20681 bytes)

November 30, 2001

Fuel tank installed and a Waterous 1500 gpm two stage pump

fc311.jpg (24113 bytes)


fc312.jpg (21709 bytes)

December 5, 2001

Chassis in paint booth

fc313.jpg (16884 bytes)


December 6, 2001

Chassis out of paint booth, next step is the air lines and wiring. 

fc314.jpg (20139 bytes)


fc315.jpg (28232 bytes)

fc316.jpg (20477 bytes)

fc317.jpg (24077 bytes)

fc318.jpg (21141 bytes)

December 7, 2001

Wheels are on. Air lines, air tanks and wiring being installed. 

fc319.jpg (24315 bytes)


fc320.jpg (23766 bytes)

December 11, 2001

Engine and transmission installed, cab waiting in background. 

fc321.jpg (21932 bytes)


fc322.jpg (23216 bytes)

fc323.jpg (23515 bytes)

fc324.jpg (20803 bytes)

fc325.jpg (20819 bytes)

....................December 12, 2001....................
Cab is mounted, exhaust and wiring being finished.


December 13, 2001

This is why the windshield is left out, once the wiring in the dash is finished the driver side windshield will be installed. 

fc326.jpg (20558 bytes)


fc208.jpg (27809 bytes)

December 14, 2001

Building front bumper.

fc209.jpg (25012 bytes)


fc327.jpg (24054 bytes)

fc328.jpg (22111 bytes)

fc329.jpg (23224 bytes)

fc330.jpg (30927 bytes)

fc331.jpg (15990 bytes)

fc332.jpg (14307 bytes)

December 14, 2001

Plant #3 is finished with the truck and it's going to plant #4 where the body will be installed. Good job guys!

fc333.jpg (16495 bytes)


fc334.jpg (18257 bytes)

fc335.jpg (15953 bytes)

fc336.jpg (16733 bytes)

....................December 18, 2001....................
Truck in plant #4. Body mounted, frame work for pump house and tank ready to be installed. The truck will be going to the plumbers at plant #7.



December 19, 2001

The truck is at plant #7 where piping is started.

fc337.jpg (22687 bytes)



December 20, 2001

More valves and piping added to pump. 

fc338.jpg (23714 bytes)


fc339.jpg (23518 bytes)

December 21, 2001

Work continues on the maze of piping.

fc340.jpg (23087 bytes)



December 26, 2001


fc341.jpg (22734 bytes)

fc342.jpg (25281 bytes)



January 4, 2002

fc343.jpg (22735 bytes)

fc344.jpg (23979 bytes)


January 7, 2002

fc345.jpg (23189 bytes)

fc346.jpg (23485 bytes)


fc347.jpg (22511 bytes)

January 8, 2002

The plumbers are just about finished. Jim Bokeko is installing the foam valve. The truck will be leaving plant 7 today. 

fc348.jpg (32029 bytes)


fc349.jpg (20446 bytes)

January 9, 2002

The truck is in the spray booth at plant 4. The body will be painted and the cab will be repainted to make sure the colors match. 


fc350.jpg (19996 bytes)

January 10, 2002

The truck is being prepared for paint, entire truck sanded except for white.

fc351.jpg (19844 bytes)


January 14, 2002

The truck was moved to another spray both where the compartment doors were installed. Truck is masked off, will be painted tomorrow.

fc352.jpg (12539 bytes)

fc353.jpg (15739 bytes)


January 15, 2002

Truck is painted. There's not too much room in this spray booth for taking pictures. This is as good as it gets. 

fc354.jpg (17999 bytes)


fc355.jpg (15900 bytes)

fc356.jpg (18337 bytes)

fc357.jpg (17995 bytes)

....................January 16, 2002....................
Entire truck is masked off to paint the compartments with zolotone. 


January 17, 2002

The truck is getting buffed. It will be heading for either plant 6 or 7 next to get the diamond plate.

fc358.jpg (29807 bytes) fc359.jpg (19610 bytes)


January 23, 2002
The truck went from plant 4 to plant 3 where stainless trim, wheel moldings and bumper were installed. The truck is now at plant 7 where the pump panel will be done.

fc360.jpg (19368 bytes)

fc361.jpg (20384 bytes)


fc362.jpg (26726 bytes)

fc363.jpg (13944 bytes)

fc364.jpg (30776 bytes)

January 24, 2002
Discharges in bumper

January 28, 2002
Diamond plate for truck. You'll need to put your sunglasses on when you look at our wheels.


fc365.jpg (17397 bytes)

January 30, 2002

The truck will be at plant 7 until it's finished. Wiring is being done and tail lights are installed. 


fc366.jpg (21454 bytes)

fc368.jpg (23927 bytes)

fc367.jpg (24030 bytes)

....................February 2, 2002....................
More diamond plate is installed and work on wiring continues. 


February 5, 2002

Master electrician, Louie LaRizzio, works on wiring. 

fc370.jpg (22263 bytes)


fc371.jpg (33338 bytes)

fc372.jpg (24601 bytes)

fc373.jpg (21453 bytes)

....................February 7, 2002....................
The pump is being worked on. Quartz light will be mounted on cab roof facing front. Vertical exhaust pipe installed. 


February 8, 2002
Lights added, one red, one amber and two 500w Quartz. Aluminum panels installed on cabinet doors, holes cut out for lights

fc375.jpg (17342 bytes)

fc374.jpg (19489 bytes)


February 10, 2002
Roll up door and ladder compartment installed. Pump panel will be installed tomorrow, this is a rear view of it. 

fc377.jpg (28935 bytes)

fc376.jpg (30508 bytes)


fc378.jpg (66520 bytes)  



fc379.jpg (24602 bytes)

fc380.jpg (17884 bytes)

....................February 12, 2002....................
The pump panel is installed and the gold leaf lettering is being applied. 


fc381.jpg (23237 bytes)

fc382.jpg (28075 bytes)

fc385.jpg (27382 bytes)

fc386.jpg (16442 bytes)

fc383.jpg (20214 bytes)

fc384.jpg (21019 bytes)

....................February 13, 2002....................
The lettering and stripping is almost done. Camera is mounted on rear of body and monitor installed on dog house. Two hours and two miles on truck


fc388.jpg (27569 bytes)

fc387.jpg (24301 bytes)

fc390.jpg (20120 bytes)

....................February 14, 2002....................
The UL inspector on left and Fred Battle on right do the testing and certification of our new engine. The test consists of running the pump at capacity for 2 hours, then 10 minutes at over capacity, 1/2 hour at 75% capacity and 1/2 hour at 50% capacity. 




February 16, 2002

John Kovatch, CEO of KME hands over the keys to our new engine to Fire Chief John McArdle. 

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fc392.jpg (44449 bytes)

fc393.jpg (50280 bytes)

fc394.jpg (46400 bytes) fc395.jpg (28116 bytes)

fc396.jpg (29004 bytes)





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