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1947 Buick ambulance. Bobby Billig, Pete Coniglio and John Conigilio. 

Cadillac ambulance in the 1960's


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1985 Ford

1986 Wheeled Coach


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1993 Braun E-350


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2000 Horton E-450

2003 Horton E-450

2006 Horton E-450


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2008 Horton E-450




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2017 AEV F-450

2015 AEV F-450

Trailer for 1367



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Nesquehoning ambulance to disband

Published September 28. 2018 12:33PM

By Amy Miller


Nesquehoning Ambulance is disbanding, but that doesn’t mean residents won’t be covered in the event of an emergency.

On Wednesday, borough council discussed a 90-day notice from the ambulance corps, which announced that it will no longer be the borough’s BLS provider. The last day for the ambulance will be Dec. 23.

John McArdle, borough fire chief and a member of the ambulance corps explained that the decision was because of dwindling volunteers who are certified as EMTs.

The quick response squad portion of the ambulance corps will then merge into the Nesquehoning Hose Company operations.

McArdle said that the ambulance existed for over 70 years, but it currently only has five volunteers.

“We are just not doing this justice,” he said, adding that its volunteers take 12-hour shifts and still work full-time jobs. “It takes a toll.”

McArdle said that the ambulance corps has a partnership with Lehighton Ambulance since the unit went to advanced life support. Because of this, a portion of the subscriptions the Nesquehoning Ambulance collects from residents is given to Lehighton and they honor the subscriptions in the event a borough resident needs to be transported to a hospital.

Council members said they were sad to see the ambulance corps go but understood the need for changing directions.

Council then voted on McArdle’s recommendation to make Lehighton Ambulance the borough’s primary ALS and BLS provider, effective Dec. 24.

It was also recommended that letters should be sent out to borough residents when the next subscription drive takes place so they are aware of the change.

Council said that it will also honor the ambulance volunteers at its December meeting.





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